Courses Under Art Department In Universities, Schools And Colleges

courses under art department

There are exciting courses under Arts DepArtments that Universities, Schools, and Colleges worldwide offer to enrol students. For this reason, we have compiled these programs to assist you in making your educational choices.

From time to time, Educareguide updates you on all the courses under the Art Department at universities, schools, and colleges.

Many people wish to study Art in schools in Africa, Europe, Asia, etc.

Thus graduates who complete Senior High School desire to enter a university or college.

Nevertheless, it would be best if you remember that you need the correct information to make the right choices for your life.

Thus, Educareguide is here to guide you to make these choices right in life.


Arts Departments In Universities

Arts departments in many Universities offer Courses For Students. Interestingly, there is an Arts department in almost every university in any country, state or region.

Furthermore, these Art depArtments offer a wide range of courses to undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. students who aspire to higher education.

Specifically, for now, let us look at some of the courses that Arts depArtments offer from the list below.


List Of Undergraduate Courses Under Art depArtment In Colleges, Schools, And Universities

Indeed, Arts depArtments admit many students to read Arts courses at colleges and schools. Now, what are the programmes in colleges for an Art student?

Specifically, check the list of Art courses students can apply for in colleges below:

  • Bachelor Of Science In Nursing 
  • Bachelor of Science in Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences
  • Bachelor Of Science In Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  • Bachelor Of Science In Family And Consumer Sciences (Food and Clothing)
  • Bachelor Of Science In Family And Consumer Sciences (Family and Child Studies
  • Bachelor Of Arts
  • Bachelor Of Science In Business Administration
  • Bachelor Of Laws (LLB)
  • Bachelor Of Fine Arts
  • BA Education (English)
  • BA Education (Non-Teaching)
  • BA Sport and Physical Culture Studies
  • Education (Mathematics)

The above shows that applicants who wish to enrol in Art programmes have alternative courses. Nevertheless, it would help if you remembered that you should obtain the right qualifications to secure admission. 

Now check out a list of postgraduate courses below.


List Of Postgraduate Courses In Arts DepArtments At University

Indeed, if you succeed in your undergraduate programme, you will qualify to read a postgraduate programme under Arts depArtments.

Also, at the postgraduate level, students can read master’s degree programs in several universities worldwide.

Furthermore, most of these universities allow to apply for admission online. Thus, you only need to find the university’s admission portal and proceed with the entry process.

Now, below are a list of Art courses at the Mastery Level of the educational hierarchy:


Master Of Arts – MA Courses In University

Indeed, universities offer the following Master of Art programs for postgraduate students.

  • MA Religion and Human Values
  • MA Classics
  • MA Communication in Oil and Gas Management
  • MA English Language
  • MA Geography and Regional Planning
  • MA History
  • MA Human Resources Development
  • MA Human Resources Management
  • MA Labour Studies (MLS)
  • MA Literature-in-English)
  • MA Philosophy
  • MA Sociology
  • MA Sociology of Peace and Security


Masters In Business Administration Courses in top universities

Top universities in the world offer the following masters programs in the field of business.

  • MBA Accounting
  • MBA Entrepreneurship And Small Enterprise Development
  • MBA General Management
  • MBA Human Resource Management
  • MBA Oil and Gas Management


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