UEW Admission Portal Link 2023, How To Apply For Admission To University of Education, Winneba

uew admission portal link

Prospective students should use the UEW Admission Portal Link to apply to the University of Education, Winneba.

Indeed, the UEW online admission process is straightforward for every applicant.

Remember that the manual system of applying for admission to the university is now over. 

Thus, every applicant must be conversant with the UEW online application process to secure admission to the University of Education, Winneba.

Henceforth, Educareguide will give you every detail on how to apply for admission at the University of Education, Winneba.

First, what are some of the things you need to know about the UEW online application process? Just continue to read on.


How Do I Get Admission To UEW?

Before buying UEW admission forms, please find UEW courses that suit you here.

Remember to know specific tips for the online admission process at UEW to proceed with your application.

First, you must buy an e-Voucher from one of the designated outlets in Ghana.

Nevertheless, applicants who live close to the UEW UEW campus, can go to the university administration to buy the voucher.

Now, what are some of the avenues you can buy your UEW voucher from? Indeed, you can check the answer below.


Place To Buy UEW E Voucher From

Assuredly, there are some selected outlets you can buy UEW Online Application Forms in the country.

Now, what are the outlets where you can purchase UEW Forms?

Indeed, you can buy Forms from the following outlets in Ghana:

  • Ecobank
  • Agricultural Development Bank 
  • Ghana Commercial Bank – GCB Bank
  • Zenith Bank, Universal Merchant Bank
  • Consolidated Bank Ghana(CBG)
  • Prudential Bank and Fidelity Bank
  • Ghana Post Offices

Secondly, let’s consider the issue of the cost of UEW forms.


How Much Is UEW Forms 2023?

The UEW admission forms are going for GH250 for the 2023 admission.

Furthermore, upon buying the forms, you must get essential facilities before filling and submitting the online application forms.

Let’s find out some of the things you will need.


Things You Need To Complete And Submit Your Application

Undoubtedly, the facilities you need to fill out the University of Education Winneba Online Application Forms are:

  • First, a Computer. Thus, it can be a desktop or a laptop.
  • Secondly, an internet connection. You must have a stable network to fill out and send the application.
  • Thirdly, a printer is to be connected and installed on the computer. Check if the printer is working perfectly before you start the application process.

Now follow the steps below to complete and submit your UEW Application Forms.


Steps To Fill And Submit Application To EUW

Indeed, there are Important Information You Will Need to submit your UEW Online Application.

Now check out these steps right below:

  • First of all, create Your Applicants Login Account from here.
  • After that, sign in to your EUW admission portal link with your login details.
  • Remember to click on the drop-down symbol to select “No” and “Yes” as appropriate.
  • Next, proceed to follow the steps thereof to complete your application.
  • Now you can always login to your new admission portal link to check on the status and progress of your application.


Completing The Application Process

Many applicants do not fill out the forms in their homes. They rely on Internet cafes and business centers to fill out the forms.

For this reason, be informed that you should gather all the documents relevant to the application process and send them to where you will fill out the form.

For example, some of the documents include:

  • Your Waec result slip;
  • Your National ID;
  • Your Passport picture;
  • Relevant Certificates; and
  • Other relevant documents as applied to your case.

Also, do not forget to have your relevant personal information with you.

Finally, when you finish the application, please print the endorsement forms.

Next, you will need to send the Form to a reputable person in the society to endorse you and be your referee.

For example, such persons include a medical doctor, a headmaster or principal of a school, the clergy, a lawyer, etc.

After that, you must post the filled forms to the address directed on it. You can also send it personally to the university if it’s convenient.


UEW Admission Deadline

What is the admission deadline for UEW? The University of Education, Winneba admission application deadline for 2023 is not yet particular.

Educareguide will update you as and when we get the facts for you.

We have given you all the details about the new admission portal link.


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