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KNUST vclass student portal login

The Management of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology provides the KNUST Vclass Student Portal Login to offer assistance and provide relevant information to its students.

Indeed the KNUST V-class is the Learning Management System that the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has designed to facilitate online Teaching and Learning at the university.

For this reason, Knust students need to know the student login portal links of the university for quick and easy access.

Therefore, you will find all the direct and quick links to login into your Knust student LMS portal below.

Moreover, we will take you through all the necessary steps to log in to your Knust eLearning portal.

Not only that but also, you will get links to other Knust online portals and pages.

Assuredly, you will find all the steps to perform the following activities on the student portal:

  • Firstly, how to register for your portal;
  • Secondly, how to login to your portal; and
  • Lastly, please reset your password at the Knust portal if you forget it.

Meanwhile, if you want to check exam results at KNUST, you can login with the KNUST Mobile App or the KNUST AIM app portal to check your Knust exam result.


Kwame Nkrumah University Student Portal

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology designed the Student Portal resource to help you in diverse ways regarding your academic journey with Knust.

The Knust Online Page has many aspects that assist you in performing many tasks.

As a result, the Knust online service portal has many aspects that include the following:

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online Exam
  • Video Chart and conferencing
  • Web room conference
  • Electronic Information Resource
  • Prempeh II Library Resource
  • Library Catalogue
  • Institutional Repository
  • Turn it in

Now find the details of the above pages and the direct login links to log in below.


The Login Page

Honestly, the Knust myclass login portal is to help you use the online learning platform of Knust.

For instance, the Knust Vclass student portal login resource is to help you have lectures online.

Now, you can login to the Knust Vclass Elearning platform by using these steps:

  • First, click here to go to the myclass knust edu gh student portal login page;
  • Second, enter your KNUST Login Username and Password in the fields provided on the page;
  • Lastly, click on the “Login” button below to sign in to your Knust portal.

How do you register for your myclass knust student online portal if you are fresher?

In this regard, follow the steps below to create your Knust portal account.


How Do I Sign Up For Knust?

Let’s check out the Knust online registration – i.e. How Do I Access Knust Vclass Portal?

Factually, the Knust Vclass is the Learning Management System of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

After admission, the university will give you a unique Username and Student ID to access the Login.

Indeed, if you are a fresh student of Knust, follow the steps right below to access the Knust Elearning Platform sign-in.

  • First, click here to visit the Knust Vclass student portal login page. Likewise, the procedure is similar to the KNUST admission portal.
  • Next, select your faculty or college in the list provided on the page and follow through.
  • Next, enter your Username, Student ID, preferred Password, and other personal details to register for your Knust student account. 

Likewise, you can use the exact details to log in to the KNUST IDL Vclass login.


Student Login Portal - KNUST


Now let’s find the KNUST student Login portal below.


The – Virtual Academic Platform For Students And Lectures At KNUST

Occasionally, students ask: “How do I log in to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology student Login portal? Now let’s find the answer below:

After you have enrolled, you can use your Username and Student ID to log in.

In this regard, you will find the Knust portal login through this link

When you click on the link, it will take you to the KNUST login link, the same as the Knust login platform.

Notably, KNUST is a global institution that has brought tertiary education to students’ doorstep in Ghana and globally.

For this reason, it uses the Knust Vclass student login system to disseminate vital information to its students wherever they are.

Usually, the information found at the Knust student portal login is to help you to meet your individual need.

Not let’s find out some of the information you can find on your Knust students portal login page. Portal – Detailed Information – KNUST

Indeed, you will find important information when logging in to your login area. Mainly, you will find the following details in the Knust login portal:


KNUST Virtual Classroom

Indeed, the KNUST virtual classroom lets you meet your lecturers online and have a memorable experience.

Now follow these steps to log in to Knust Virtual Classroom:

  • First, go to the Knust Virtual login page;
  • Second, select any of the links on the page as appropriate;
  • Third, enter your login details into the fields provided on the page;
  • Lastly, click the “Login” button to sign in to the portal.

In addition to that, many online resources are made available on the KNUST Vclass student portal login area.

Indeed, the student portal Knust online lectures are like regular online lectures.


KNUST Online Exams

Sincerely, this is a version of the traditional examination that happens online.

Now use the Knust login steps above to sign in and take your online exam at Knust.

Undoubtedly, the systems needed to be in place for students to have online examinations.

As a student, you need access to a computer connected to the internet to take the KNUST online test.

Usually, you have a stipulated period to submit your answer.

Now, you may ask – how do I check my Knust results? 

In this regard, you can check your result instantly since the online examination system is automated.


KNUST Prempeh II Library And The Library Catalogue

Honestly, this is a library in a virtual form. 

Thus, you will find many online learning resources if you visit this online of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Now use the Knust login steps above to access the Knust Online Library.

Furthermore, there are a lot of ebooks in various forms, including pdf format for download.

Eventually, it reduces students’ stress to research online for ebooks for academic purposes.

In addition to the above sections of the KNUST virtual learning platform, here are other benefits of the Knust Vclass portal login:


Knust Student Notice Board

Now, you will find the following news and update on Student Notice Board at KNUST:

  • Video Chat and Conferencing
  • Web room conference
  • Electronic Information Resources
  • Institutional Repository
  • Turn It In
  • Your student Details
  • Examination Results
  • KNUST Newsletters
  • Your KNUST Fees Details


KNUST Password Reset

If you want to reset or change your KNUST student portal password, these steps will help you to reset your KNUST Login Password.

  • First, click here to go to the KNUST password reset page.
  • Secondly, you must ensure your KNUST Email is active before you reset your KNUST login password.
  • Thirdly, enter your student ID in the first space provided, click the “Continue” button, and follow the steps.
  • Next, you will open your email inbox and click the activation link to set your KNUST student password.
  • Lastly, you enter your new password, which will be your login password, to the KNUST Student Portal Sign-in.

Notably, ensure that your login password is one you can easily remember.

Alternatively, write and keep it in a safe place for the future when you log in to KNUST Student Portal Login Page.

Otherwise, you cannot sign in to the KNUST Student Portal next time.

Undoubtedly, I know that you have all the information you need on the Knust Vclass Student Portal Platform by now.

Now, find out other important information you need to know about KUST in the list right below.


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