Can Third Class Degree Do Masters In Ghana, What Is The Minimum Entry Requirement To Read Masters Degree Program In Universities In Ghana

can third class degree do masters

Indeed, the issue of whether Third Class Degree do masters in Ghana borders the minds of many prospective students of master’s degree courses in Ghana. Indeed, you will find all the answers to this concern below.

Sincerely, Educareguide considers it a delight to address the concern of many who seek admission to various universities in Ghana.

Now, is a third-class degree a failure? In other words, is a third-class degree useless?

Sincerely, a third-class degree is NOT a failure at all. Indeed, it is not a failure because universities have a pass degree, which is not a failure either.

Meanwhile, let’s look at brief background information about Second Class lower degrees. Is Second Class Lower a bad result, or can 2nd Class Lower do masters? Find out the answer below.


What Are the Classes Awarded By Universities In Ghana?

Indeed, the classes that graduates can attain at the university vary.

As a result, first-degree graduates may have the following qualifications in Ghana:

  • First Class
  • Second Class Upper
  • Second Class Lower
  • Third Class
  • Pass

The above means that the higher your Cumulative Grade Point Average – CGPA – the better the classes the university awards to you.

Now, can I do a masters with a third-class degree? Find out the answer below.


Which Class Do Universities In Ghana Accept For Masters Degree Program?

Interestingly, you can secure masters admission with First Class, Second Class Upper, and Second Class Lower in Ghana.

Therefore what this means is that the universities in Ghana do not usually accept Third-class qualifications for masters courses.

In this regard, looking at the third Class GPA score is not a surprise.

In that case, can I do my masters in the third Class? Undoubtedly, there is a slim chance for you to do your master degree with third Class in certain universities.

Assuredly, we will update you on the list of universities that offer masters to applicants with a 3rd class degree. Now, can a third-class do a Masters in Ghana? Check out the answer right below.


Universities That Accept Third Class Degree For Masters

Surprisingly, 3rd Class holders still have a slim chance to read a masters program in a university.

Really, how is that possible? Indeed, it is likely because some universities accept third Class for masters in Ghana.

Now, relax, and let us brief you on the opportunity for third graduates to read a postgraduate course at the university.

Interestingly, some universities offer third-class graduates the opportunity to study masters degree courses in their outfit.

Thus, the requirements that 3rd class students should have to get admission to study a masters program in some universities is as follows:

  • You must have a first-degree qualification over three (3) years old. In this regard, you should have your first-degree certificate four (4) years before the date that you are applying for the masters’ admission.
  • You must have work experience of 3 years and above. Thus, the work experience becomes an additional qualification that the university will assess your eligibility to read the postgraduate course.
  • Your 1st degree should be closely related to the 2nd-degree course you are applying to study. 
  • That will convince the university that you can excel in the program you are using.


Universities That Accept Third Class For Masters In Ghana

For example, the University of Ghana is one of the universities that accept third Class for masters in Ghana.

Educareguide will update you with the names of other universities that accept third-class degrees as admission requirements very soon.

Now, what can you do with a third-class honours degree? Here, there are so many programs you can select for your second-degree studies at the university.

Also, you will find many of them in the list of guides below.

Apart from the forgoing fact, can the third Class get a job? In other words, can you get an excellent job with a 2.2 degree? Please find the answers to these questions in the details right below.


Can Third Class Get A Job?

Assuredly, the answer to that question is in the affirmative. Indeed, many people excel in various professions with a third-class degree.

Third-class graduates turn out to be very competent at work in their careers. Surprisingly, what could account for that phenomenon?

In this regard, Educareguide believes that many third-class graduates are not necessarily poor students, as some believe in academia.

Instead, 3rd Class students are most often slow learners, and they eventually grasp the educational content.

Furthermore, when third-class graduates grasp the content, they do so with a deeper understanding of the concept than other classholders.


Frequently Asked Questions On Masters Degree Admission

Please find answers to other important questions about third-class degrees and postgraduate course admission requirements below.


1. Does GPA Matter For Masters?

Indeed it is your GPA that determines your Class for an undergraduate course. As a result, the higher your GPA, the better the Class that you will graduate with.

Most universities admit students with a CGPA of 2.5 and above for masters courses. Undoubtedly, that ranges from Second Class lower division to First Class division, and even some universities have first-class upper ones.

So what is a 2.2 degree in GPA? It simply means you are within the third-class division.

On the other hand, you usually don’t qualify to read masters if you have a CGPA of 2.4 and below.


2. Can A third Class Do Masters In Germany?

In this regard, many German universities accept third-class degrees as an admission requirement for masters.

Sure, we will furnish you with the list of these educational institutions in Germany very soon.


3. Can I Improve My Degree Classification?

You can improve your degree classification only when studying a particular course.

However, you will not be able to change your Class immediately after the university awards you the certificate and you graduate.

Thus, let the university fix any errors in your GPA before graduation; otherwise, you cannot do anything about your degree classification anymore.

As indicated earlier, you will find the list of courses you can study for your master’s degree in the other guides below.


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  1. Please I have a third class honour in Accounting and finance from university for development studies does that mean I can study any masters program in Ghana?

    1. Hi Stephen, universities generally accept Second Class Lower, as the minimum qualification for admitting Masters Degree Students. Nevertheless, I will encourage you to personally contact the university of choice and make a specific enquiry. After that, you can proceed to buy application forms. Thanks for visiting Educareguide. Please bookmark out page and subscribe for notification of updates and news. Thanks.

  2. Samuel Frimpong

    Please I’m Samuel Frimpong
    Can I do masters in public administration with third class in University of Ghana?

    1. For third-class certificate applicants, you should contact the School of Business at the University of Ghana for additional entry requirements that you should meet.
      Remember, there is a Window of opportunity for Third Class Degree Holders to apply for a Masters at the Univesity.

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