Nursing Courses In Ghana – All You Need To Know About Nursing Programs Offered In Ghana

Indeed, Educareguide considers it very important to inform students about nursing courses in Ghana and which Schools, Colleges and Universities offer them. Thus checkout out a full guide on nursing below.


nursing courses in ghana


As a matter of fact, nursing is a very popular tertiary program in Ghana.

Of course, its popularity is understandable because, the program provides some kind of readily available job for graduates.

For this reason, as a high school graduate, you may fancy your chance to read a nursing program at the tertiary level.

Certainly, in this article, will answer all the salient questions about nursing courses in university, schools and colleges.

Now check out the complete list of nursing courses in Ghana below.


List of Nursing Courses In Ghana

Here is the the full list of nursing courses and the institutions which offer them in Ghana:

  • Bachelor Of Science In Nursing – UG Legon – University of Ghana
  • Bachelor of Science in Midwifery – UG Legon – University of Ghana
  • Bachelor of Nursing – UCC – University of Cape Coast
  • BSc Nursing – KNUST – Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
  • Diploma in nursing – Kintampo College of Health and Well-Being
  • Diploma in nursing – Cape Coast Nursing and Midwifery Training College

Certainly, we will update the above list as new information comes in from various tertiary institutions in the country.

Now, “can a visual art student apply for nursing”. Check out the answer below.


Can A Visual Art Student Apply For Nursing

Indeed, every university or college has its specific admission requirement.

As matter of fact, visual arts students can apply for Nursing course in university or college.

Nevertheless, you must bear in mind that, you need to possess the quality grades expected from you to gain admission a the university.

Factually speaking, University of Ghana admits visual arts students to read nursing.

Thus, checkout the nursing admission requirements for visual arts students at Legon from HERE.

Also, In UCC as well, visual arts students can study nursing if you  posses the requisite grades and aggregates.

Just bookmark and subscribe to Educareguide and we will update you on admission opportunities for visual arts students in various schools, universities and colleges.

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