General Arts Courses In Legon – List Of Programmes Offered For Admission

The management of University of Ghana offer the following general arts courses in UG – Legon. Thus, prospective students  can apply for any of the programs listed below.


General Art Courses In Lagon


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More importantly, in addition to that, our  guide provide details of the List of courses offered in many universities in across the world.


University Of Ghana Legon

Truly, the university of Ghana is the first university to be established in Ghana by the colonial government of Ghana.

Thus, many students, both in Ghana and worldwide (i.e. international students) have the desire to enter into such a respected tertiary educational institution, to study art courses at University of Ghana.

Mostly, General Art Courses In Legon are among the humanity courses in Legon. Truly, it wasn’t a surprise to me when someone asked, “Which art programs can I study at Legon?

Now, without hesitation, I quickly researched and put together this article to address the concern of the student.

Therefore, I thought it necessary to provide and continuously update the list of arts courses at University of Ghana, for the your benefit as our visitor.


University Of Ghana Legon Courses Admission

Emphatically speaking, University of Ghana is not the only academic institution that offers the list of university courses and programs below.

Surely, many other universities in the world also offer courses and programs with in the field of art.

Certainly, we will explore the various programs that General Arts students can study in University of Ghana, and also many other universities across the globe.

After that, we will proceed to look at the grades you should obtain in your Senior High School examination (e.g. WASSSCE) to get admission.

Notably, remember that the better your aggregate or exams results, the better your chances of securing admission into Legon to read or study an art course or program.

Specifically, you can click on table of content button just below, and then you can then click and read the the specific area or information you want.


The Nature Of Arts Courses In Universities

Firstly, arts courses in universities across the world are mostly designed to make the student appreciate his/her world.

Secondly, it makes you understand the diversity of people who live in in the world, they way they behave, and how they behave.

Also, the world of art courses at universities brings out the naturally endowed gifts and talents in a person.

In fact, no matter the field of work you are, a fare literacy in an art course in a college will help you to make a difference. Now what are the general admission requirements for Legon – University of Ghana? Let’s find that below.


General Arts Courses Admission Requirement Legon

Now, can a general art student offer nursing in Legon? Certainly, the answer is yes. General art students can read Bachelor Of Science In Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Midwifery as shown below.

Indeed, University of Ghana, Legon admission is very competitive. In the meantime, let’s focus on WASSCE and SSSCE graduates.

First of all, WASSCE applicants must get at least from A1 to C6 in all the subjects written to get admission to read a general art course at UG Legon.. For this reason, you must obtain from  A1 to C6 in all your core subjects.


Legon Admission – Elective Subjects Passes

In addition to that, you should get from A1 to C6 in all your elective subjects to get admission for courses under general arts in Ghana’s premier university.

Also, please note that University of Ghana, uses your best three  core subjects and best three elective subjects to compute your aggregate for admission.

Sometimes also, the type of program you select determines the WASSCE or Senior High School subject combination that is used to compute your aggregate. Notably, the university will use English, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science to admit student for science related programs at Legon.

Also mostly,  the Arts Faculty at University of Ghana uses English, Core Mathematics and Social Studies to admit students for humanity related programs.

General arts courses falls under the humanities courses in Legon. Now let’s look at the List of General Art Programs Offered at University of Ghana.


General Arts Courses In Legon And Cut Off Points – Here Is The List Of Programmes

Indeed, general students qualify to read the following Programme in Legon. Now, what are the courses in Legon for general art students? Find the list of courses and their cut off points below.

Specifically, click on the following list of programs to know their admission requirements:

From the above, it shows that General Arts students have multiples of programmes to choose from.

Nevertheless, you must bear in mind that you should obtain the right grades to gain admission to the popular tertiary institution.

Also, I must say that the Bachelor of fine arts course in Legon is a very knowledge filled and interesting course.

Furthermore, you must bear in mind that, as a visual arts student, you also have a series of visual arts courses in Legon that you can read.


Humanity Courses In Legon And Cut Off Points – Here Are The Details

Though every student who obtains from aggregate 6 to 36 has the right to be admitted. Nevertheless, the lack of resources makes it necessary for the university to adopt a cut off point for enrolment to every individual program.

Thus, the cut off point for Bachelor of Science in Administration will differ from that of Bachelor of Arts. Usually, the number of applicants for a particular program, and the space available in the university, will determine the cut off point.

For this reason, you must work diligently to make the best grades, to gain admission. Also, the cut off point University of Ghana, Legon Admission is not static.

Finally, I must say that, normally University of Ghana courses and fees for General Arts programmes are lower than that of Science programmes.


Can A General Arts Student Offer Nursing At Legon

Now, the next question we are asking is “can a general arts student offer nursing at Legon?”. Indeed a general arts student can offer nursing at Legon.

Truly, all that you need to do is to read a nursing course at the University of Ghana.

Normally, nursing courses fall under science programs at the University of Ghana. In fact you can become a nurse upon a successful completion of Bachelor Of Science In Nursing at University of Ghana


Cut Off Point For Nursing In Legon – Admission Requirement For Applicants

As we described above, every program in Legon has an entry aggregate. Certainly, nursing is no exception. For this reason, the university pegged the Legon cut off point for nursing for 2020 admission at aggregate 13.

Now bear in mind that, you shouldn’t get D7, E8 and F9 in your wassce exams result.


Can A General Arts Student Offer Computer Science

Indeed general arts student can offer computer science course and program at the university.

For this reason, if you observe the courses for general arts student in SHS, it includes general art subject combinations such as, physics, elective mathematics (i.e. emaths or admass), elective computer science, among others.

Certainly, if you are an arts student and you read the mentioned subjects at SHS, then you qualify to read computer science at the University.

Also, you qualify to read tertiary level of education computer related courses, i.e. certificate, diploma, HND, Degree, and its equivalents.

Also, you must bear in mind that, as a visual arts student, you also have a series of visual arts courses in Legon that you can read.

Furthermore, note that these Legon Bachelor of Arts courses are offered to all general arts applicants from various types of educational institution, e.g. ABCE, SAT, GBCE, etc.


List Of Universities And Institutions That Offer Art Courses To Students

As a matter of fact, here are a list of tertiary institutions that offer arts courses and programs in their institution – universities, schools and colleges:


You Might Have Interest In The Following As Well:



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